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You are the Divine Remembering Itself

Dear ones,

When you don't know which way to go, when you feel alone or afraid remember "I am

the Divine remembering itself."

When you feel unloveable, rejected or hurt by others remember "I am the Divine remembering itself."

When life knocks you down and your heart feels broken remember. "l am the Divine remembering itself."

Life is not happening to you, beloved, the cracks you feel occurring within your reality is how the light shines through.

Although it may not feel that way, everything that is falling away is stripping you bare so that you will remember this one simple yet profound truth - you are the Divine remembering itself.

Not only are you here as the Divine embodying this human persona to awaken to the truth of your own divinity. You are also here to remind others through your Divinity that they are also the Divine.

What awakening truly means is you have awoken from the dream of forgetting that you are the Divine.

Every moment is an opportunity to remember that you are the Divine. Or if it is easier, to imagine that you are love.

When you wish to consciously feel this truth simply close your eyes, connect inward to you Divine Spark and express to yourself out loud I am the Divine remembering itself.

Throughout the day you can practise this to support you in remember more frequently that you are the Divine. This simple acknowledgement brings you to the awareness of your light and the love that you truly are.

And when you have a moment of forgetfulness, when you have had a stressful day, or you find yourself feeling angry and impatient while waiting in traffic what better time to remember this truth than by pausing, closing your eyes and repeating to yourself I am the Divine remembering itself. In any moment you can return to this truth.

And when you see another who is acting in a way that brings up judgement or frustration remind yourself then too - they are also the Divine remembering themselves. Someone who is asleep, as we would say, is the same as saying that they have forgotten that they are the Divine.

When you wish to feel and remember this truth more clearly you can try this prayer -

Beloved God/Higher Self

Thank you for helping me to remember that I am the Divine.

May I remember this truth today. Thank you for helping me remember that others are also the Divine.

May I see myself and others through the eyes of love. May I love myself and others as you do. Thank you.

On this journey it can be painful when you are shining your light and others cannot see you or receive you and that is perfectly fine.

Others ability to see your Divinity is often a reflection of how easily and often they recognize the Divine within themselves.

You keep shining your light anyway.

When you shine your light with love, grace, and authenticity. Those who can receive it and feel it will come. Those who need the reminder may also come even if they can only receive it on a subconscious level - because deep down they know they are also the Divine. The only difference is they have yet to fully accept and love themselves enough to embody this truth. Or they are on a different path and will awaken to this truth at another point in time.

Our only role is to be the light in whatever way feels most authentic to our being.

How do you most love to express your Divinity? What ignites your God Spark the most?

Is it through your words of encouragement or love? Is it through your art? Or maybe it is through being a loving parent to your children. There are many ways for you to show up in this world as your most authentic self - as your Divinity.

You cannot get this wrong, just follow your heart, trust the light within you to guide you home.

I love you.


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