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🍄 Replenish - Heal - Grow 🍄

🐝✨ Hello beloved souls ✨🐝

I hope this message finds you well as I greet you all with warmth, love and blessings.

Today I have brought through a beautiful channeled healing to replenish your lifeforce and chi. This is a powerful and nourishing activation to really support you in feeling more rejuvenated, cleansed, uplifted and connected.

This healing can be listened to as needed to really energize you and deepen your connection to the elements and Mother Earth. In this activation we brought in the element of fire - the sun, to cleanse, uplift, empower, heal, and replenish your lifeforce.

Register for Eden to receive this powerful healing activation 🦋 -

🌿Step into The Garden of Eden - replenish, heal and blossom.

✨🌱 Monthly Membership Price $33 🌱✨

What I have discovered about my own life force energy is that when I do not pour into myself I begin to feel dull, stressed, tired, irritable, and I feel my creativity is stifled.

As I have deepened my connection and relationship with Mother Earth she has been teaching me how important it is to nurture myself.

A blossoming garden full of vibrant colour, diversity, life, and beauty is the perfect representation of how feminine energy blooms when it has been nurtured and provided all that it needs to thrive.

Mother Earth reminds us how we are not separate from her. We also need the same love, care, and sustenance that she does so that we can bloom in full when it is our season.

We live in a culture where there is a deep imbalance in our feminine and masculine energies. We have developed an unsustainable way of living that often keeps us running on empty to keep up with the hustle of everyday life. This deep imbalance in how we treat and take care of ourselves deeply impacts our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

We all feel this and I know so many of us are needing a change.

I originally considered offering this container as an 8 week course but after further meditation I realized that what is truly needed right now is on-going weekly support for as long as you need. This is the level of commitment that I am willing to invest, not only in myself with my own time, but for each one of you that feels called to receive from this space.

This sanctuary is here for you, both men and women, to replenish and receive. This is your garden, I am simply the channel that the energy and love flows through. You can access the online portal at any time you need. All of the resources will be uploaded each week for you to access when you have the time to do so.

May we all receive exactly what we need to blossom and grow. 🦋

With love and grace,

Rosalie ✨🤍

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