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The Garden of Eden 🦋 ☁️

🦋 The Garden of Eden - Enroll Now 🦋

Follow the winding path of your heart, it is guiding you to a place of unimaginable love, a place that has only been felt in the hearts of all those who have dreamt of it.

This is a garden where seeds come to be planted and where flowers come to blossom and bloom. Even the most wilted of flowers come alive here as their once depleted essence is breathed back into form.

A sanctuary of the heart, love in its purest form, a haven of wisdom and beauty.

This is a coming home.

This is Eden.

Step into your garden. Receive weekly meditations, inspiration, guidance and love to replenish, blossom, and grow. The Garden of Eden is a safe haven and sanctuary of love that will provide nourishment for the mind, heart, and soul.

Awaken your inner sanctuary, your garden awaits.

We are now accepting orders for enrollment.

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We are the garden. 

We must plant the seeds that we wish to grow. 

We desire peace, harmony, love, and connection but what have we done to nurture, water and cultivate these seeds to grow in our life?

It is natural to crave what our body, heart and soul need to create the beauty in our life that we wish to experience. We are all worthy of co-creating with the universe to embody the love that we know is so real. 

We will often look to the world to give us what we need. While looking in all the wrong places we find ourselves dissatisfied not realizing the truth is we already have all we need. 

We have all of the ingredients but, we have forgotten now to grow our garden. 

We starve our seeds, creations, and manifestations not knowing what we need to support ourselves.

In the Garden of Eden - we will plant our seeds, nurture them, love them, and watch them grow. We are both the garden and the seed, it is within our own bodies that we create everything we wish to birth. 

So why would we not utilize this precious gift that is our body? Our body is a Microcosmic representation of the Earth so, much like a garden, how we treat ourselves is the fruit that is harvested at the end of the season. 

If we have not given ourselves the proper respect through taking time to cultivate love and compassion within we will find that these components are lacking in our lives. 

Often the love we experience is through what we pour into others; our loved ones, family and children. As we devote our time, energy, and love to them it is received in our hearts from their happiness. It is like we are planting these seeds in their garden and watering them through our love. 

Taking care of others as if they were our most precious garden returns to us so much joy, love, and fulfillment. There is beauty in giving and loving. 

If we do not take care of our own garden, however, we will quickly begin to feel like we are starting to fall into self-sacrificial patterns. 

Others may still expect from us the same love, care and support we have always given yet, we may have noticed we have very little left to give because we have not replenished the life force and chi that is required to continue to give. 

This is when most begin to feel drained, exhausted, and possibly resentful. 

This cycle of giving of ourselves without cultivating and nurturing our own garden is not very loving and can result in co-dependent patterns thinking our worth is only depended upon what you give and do for others. 

When you have little life force left to give, your body, mind and spirit will alert you that you are out of balance and at risk of becoming ill if you do not take care of yourself.

This way of giving is not sustainable, it lacks self love and respect for the beautiful creation that you are.

You are the most sacred creation of love, birthed from the Earth, given this body on loan to learn how to treat her with the respect, love and care that you would a child. 

How we treat ourselves determines the quality of love, beauty, and compassion we are able to pour into the world.

We must put our needs in top priority from a place of worthiness, unconditional love and integrity. If we value ourselves and take the time to cultivate the beauty we wish to birth into this world then this Earth will flourish with true heavenly creations.

In our sacred Garden of Eden I will be offering transmissions of energies and frequencies from the heavenly realms of creation of Divine Love, Peace, Joy, Grace, Compassion, and whatever else is needed to support each of you in creating rich soil for your garden that is flourishing with life and nutrients to sustain your most beautiful seeds with love and ease. 

I will be channeling practices, meditations, inspiration and messages of love and encouragement each week to provide you with everything you need to begin growing your own garden. 

You will have the recordings to listen back to and the encouragement to come up with your own self-care routines that work for you in your own life. This will be a co-creational effort where you are given the tools to pour love and nourishment into yourself. 

l know that through the grace of mother’s love we will all be held, supported and provided with exactly what we need to grow. 

Let Mother Earth hold you, let her nurture you, and open your heart to receive her blessings

You are worthy.

In love and gratitude,


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