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Starseeds, We are Birthing a New World.

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

It is time now, dear ones, to come into alignment with who we truly are.

Much like a snake, we are beginning to shed layers of ourselves that at one time may have served a purpose, but now are no longer needed or necessary.

When we release these old ways, old identities, and give ourselves permission to let go we are able to reveal more of the truth of who we really are.

We are awakening to our unique beauty and radiance.

We are stepping into our power as Divine Sovereign beings of unconditional love.

As Divine Starseeds we came here with a beautiful mission and a purpose to offer this planet a new perspective and a way of doing things that is built on the foundations of unconditional love and unity consciousness.

Each one of you holds a frequency that is so needed. Just by being here you are helping to anchor in these higher dimensional frequencies which allows Earth, and all of its inhabitants, the ability to ascend into higher consciousness.

As Starseeds, we are strategically scattered all around the planet and, as more of us are awakening, our light and our frequencies are creating a tidal wave of energy that is shifting this entire planet as we know it.

As Starseeds, you offer this world so much innate wisdom, knowledge, and magic that is stored within you waiting to be awakened and shared.

All of you must know how beautiful you are and how brave each one of you is for volunteering to come here to assist Mother Gaia and all of our family here to awaken and ascend.

This truly is a time that is like no other and you chose to be here to experience this grand awakening and to lead the way as teachers, guides, and Wayshowers of the New Earth.

It is time now that we remember who we truly are and begin awakening to our Cosmic Heart.

Like the rain falls down and nourishes the Earth love flows though us and nourishes our souls. We just need to open up to the divine flow and allow it to come in. Knowing that we are worthy because love is who we are and who we always were.

I invite you to say this heart activating prayer:

I am awakening my cosmic heart.

I feel my heart glow emanating the diamond light of creation.

I am one with the Divine Mother allowing her love to flow effortlessly through me.

I am a pure conduit of eternal love.

I choose to align all that I am, all that I share, and all that I do with love.

I allow my soul and heart to lead the way.

I surrender to the flow of my heart in this moment knowing that my true power lies within.

I feel the Divine connection and cohesion with Mother Earth.

I feel Her love holding me, supporting me, and rocking me as I humbly walk upon her.

I feel Her warm embrace when the summer breeze wraps around me.

I can feel the Mother’s love and nourishment when I lay on the Earth feeling my heart beating against Her.

I express love and gratitude for all that She provides for me knowing that each day is a gift.

I surrender and allow my divine heart to lead the way and I acknowledge the innate power and

wisdom that I hold within me.

I am a sovereign creator.

As I am creation energy in human form.

As I breathe, I feel the power of life, of source, of all that is and ever was move through me.

I am one with the Earth.

I am one with the universe.

Everything that I see, feel, and know exists within me.

I am a creator.

I acknowledge my innate power and wisdom.

I trust all that I am.

I am connected.

I am, and always will be, love.

I am never separate from anything as I can feel life flow around me, through me, and with me.

I feel my own divinity.

I honour myself as sacred.

I honour myself as pure source light.

All life is sacred as each and every being is a reflection of me.

I see the beauty of myself reflected in each person, living creature, and plant life.

I am eternal.

I am consciousness.

I am energy.

My very existence is a unique expression of God.

As we are God.

I choose my reality.

I choose my thoughts.

I choose my emotions.

I consciously create all that I experience from this moment forward.

I choose a heart and soul lead life.

I am abundant.

I am New Earth.

We love you. We honour you. We hold you within our hearts. We hold you within the heart of the Cosmic Mother. Feel us all coming together as one.

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