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Star Child

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

For all the Starseeds and Star Children. I see you.

So much uncertainly living in a world that is blind, she thinks.

Feeling so unsure of where she belongs..

Is there a place for those who follow the beat of a different drum?

Wanting to blossom in soil that was not made for life.

What a shame it is that we find ourselves questioning such things, she feels.

“I don’t fit in here,” she says, softly. “I don’t like it here,” she whimpers.

A voice so gentle chimes in and speaks, but she does not hear it.

A voice so small it couldn’t possibly be heard over the sound of her sobs.

Again, the voice calls out to her.

“I am here, I am here, I am here,” the voice tries to tell her.

With no more tears left to shed, she pauses.

“Please listen,” the voice tries again.

“Do not cry for you are here for a reason, there are no accidents, and there are no mistakes,” it tells her.

Surprised by the voice, she stops, then she scrunches her eyebrows together and asks, “how could that be?” “Nothing feels right,” she ponders.

“I know,” the voice responds.

The voice continues, “what if I told you that the world needs you?”

“What could I possibly do for the world?,”she says reflecting.

The voice now very clear tells her that she is beautiful just the way she is and that her heart is so magnificent and pure that her love can be felt by everyone that she meets.

“You see, many have lost their way." "Many have been pulled away from true love and real connection by the many distractions and disappointments that this planet and life can bring,” the voice explains.

“Each day that passes, more of themselves are lost and more people are losing hope.”

The voice continues, “you, Star Child, are here to remind them that love is who they are and that only love is real.”

“You, Star Child, are here to uplift others, inspire them, and to use your imagination to give life to the most beautiful creations that your heart desires.”

“You, Star Child, have the best job of all, because you inspire happiness, growth, and change on this planet.”

The voice grows stronger...

“You are a leader, a visionary, and a change maker!" "Be proud of who you are and do not forget your mission.”

Gently now, the voice explains, “you are much bigger than your fears, and stronger than anything that this life will throw at you. You wanted to come here to help. You stood up and volunteered to serve humanity in a way that only you could.”

“You are courage. You are love. You are a shining star and you are NOT alone.”

“If you only knew how many beings of love and light stand behind you today you would not shed one more tear.”

“If you take a moment to focus on your heart, you can feel how much love is being blanketed around you, at this very second.”

“I feel it,” she smiles.

“YES,” the voice exclaims.

“Remember who you are,” the voice says.

“I remember,” she smiles.

“I remember...”

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