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Water Elemental Healing

Water Elemental Healing

Water Elemental Healing Meditation - Emotions/Purification


🌊💧 Dive into the Elixir of Consciousness! 💧🌊


Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment with this whimsical and magical meditation experience. Let the element of water guide you on a captivating journey into the fluidity of consciousness. 


In this mystical odyssey, you'll be transported to a sacred sanctuary, a haven of tranquility where all is serene. Find solace in the embrace of stillness as you close your eyes and embark on a journey of healing and boundless love. Shed the weight of the world and immerse yourself in the tender embrace of this otherworldly experience.


Prepare for a metamorphosis as you step into a temple adorned with cascading waterfalls and crystalline aquamarine waters. This sacred oasis awaits, inviting you to surrender to its purifying depths.


Dive into the pristine pool, as liquid tendrils enfold you, nurturing body and soul. Feel the currents of elemental healing as they caress your skin, washing away all that no longer serves you. In this immersive aquatic embrace, experience a profound rejuvenation, as every cell is cleansed and revitalized.


But the journey doesn't end there. Venture further, beneath the gentle waves, where majestic creatures of the sea await. Swim alongside magnificent whales, harmonizing with their ethereal melodies. Listen closely, for their song carries ancient wisdom and profound connection. 


Dive to the ocean's depths and encounter an emerald crystal pulsating with divine energy. Reawakening your bond with Mother-Father God, restoring love and belonging.


Join the celebration as dolphins and whales rejoice in your reunion. Let your heart's melody emerge, embracing self-love. Revel in the harmonious union of love and creation.


Artist Drawing - Scot Howden


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