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Restoration of Hierogamic Union – King Arthur and Queen Guinevere

Restoration of Hierogamic Union – King Arthur and Queen Guinevere

We are here today to honour the Maji Grail Kings and Queens. They are returning to their full ascension alignments as we reclaim the monadic staff and rod of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere from pre-fall grail takeover timelines. 


We invite you to participate in the initiation and healing of the true Arthurian Maji Grail King and the healing of the true Maji Grail Queen Guinevere. This will be a clearing for all The Maji Grail King and Queen Lineages. 


In this call, we also initiate the clearing of all destruction and all demonization of all Sacred Hierogamic Templates. 


There will be many awakening through this calling as the initiation for the true lineages will be put into full mobilization. Many of our family have been weighed down by false cloning cycles that have kept them within distorted patterns of jealously, betrayal, fear, suffering, and have fallen into many deep levels of addiction, limiting their ability to hold their true sovereignty through the human Earth experience. We are resurrecting the Krystic and Kryst Lineages of the Holy Grail.

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