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Maji Grail King & Queen Keepers of New Earth

Maji Grail King & Queen Keepers of New Earth

Rising of our Sacred Divine Feminine & Masculine; Maji Grail King & Queen Keepers of New Earth


We have opened the Omni Love Field to assist you in releasing any layers of identity that are unhealed and are requiring love and awareness to move into a true merging of your Sovereign Being as a Krysted Soul. We are initiating and opening a Creational Container; Our God Solar Ascension Chamber. This is to assist each one of you to remember what it feels like to be within the Christos and the Sophianic Golden Light.


In this class we will be overwriting all False King of Tyranny instruction sets to fully restore and resurrect the Arthurian Consciousness of the Magi Grail King and it’s representation of the Krystic principles of love, honour, integrity, truth, and compassion, leading with the round tables of Rainbow Light Consciousness.


We will also be bridging to our Sophianic self; to our true sacred relationship with our Divine Feminine embodiment of our Sacred Queen, our Sacred Maji Grail Queen in the consciousness of Guinevere returning to heal all false Queen of Tyranny and all False Imprisonment of the True Sacred Divine Feminine. We will initiate the healing of our wounded feminine principle, to heal our overdeveloped Masculine sides, to bring awareness and acceptance of the Feminine Leadership that holds her Sacred Heart and Divine Love as the Primordial beacon for Creation.

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