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Lyran Royal House: Remembering our Blue Ray Founder Families

Lyran Royal House: Remembering our Blue Ray Founder Families

We are the Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister Lyran Royal House Councils and the Lyran Elders. 

We are opening the fields to support each one of you today with this energetic transmission. We are feeling the call to help initiate and awaken our Blue Ray Families at this time. 

The Blue Ray Families are starting to remember and feel a cohesive alignment as their Higher Dimensional Selves are awakening to the energetic connection of their Soul Embodied realities through the Earth and Aurora Planes of New Earth. 

There are many Blue Ray Families and Starseeds that are here at this time. We want each one of you to be aware that the Blue Ray Families are inter-dimensionally aligning to hold a field of unification for supporting our families at this time. 

As we are witnessing the awakening of our Blue Ray Families, the Krystal Star is initiating the Hydro-Plasmic Field support for our Blue Ray Families to return at this time. 

As we open a gateway to the Aurora New Earth Ascension Timeline of Unity Consciousness we activate the Blue Ray Family Energy Templates for releasing the Family Lineages and opening our Heart Soul Calling to the Blue Ray Families now. 

We are opening the Krystal Star Guardian Gateway of Ascension to call our beloved Blue Ray Families into dimensional alignment. This is a calling for our Blue Ray Families to hear our Lyran commands and New Earth Aurora Grids and Apparthi Grids.

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