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Fire Elemental Healing

Fire Elemental Healing

Fire Elemental Healing Meditation  - Truth/Light/Rebirth


🌟✨🔥 Embrace the Flames of Purification and Rebirth! 🔥✨🌟


Step into this transformative meditation experience where the element of fire awaits your presence. Prepare to embark on a journey of purification, rebirth, and illumination as you connect with the divine energy within you.


With the pillar of divine truth as our guide, we invoke the light of Source to illuminate any false illusions within. Let the fires of purification clear, purify, remove, resolve, and dissolve anything that is not in alignment with your true essence.


We call upon the spirit of divine truth to reveal the unknown and shine its light upon any false ego constructs, consciousness traps, limitations, barriers, or blocks that hinder us from embracing our true selves.


Artist Drawing - Scot Howden

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