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Christos Family Founder DNA Codes

Christos Family Founder DNA Codes

We are calling you into service as our Beloved Family of the Christos.


Each one of you is awakening to the many identities that you have carried at times, and you are starting to move consciously through the energies that are being presented to you. We have wanted to initiate these DNA code installations to support your genetic makeup and ascension alignment for quite some time.


You have been called here to serve your highest mission and you are awakening to a new understanding of what this means.


I AM ready to initiate and awaken a higher knowing of how I am to perceive and energetically become aware of what it is that I am holding, at this time of ascension.


I AM the Christos Family that is being awakened into the harmony of our heart coherence and the energetic stabilization of the Sophia consciousness which is assisting in my healing and remembering.


Christos Family, we are here, ready to remember who we are and to return to New Earth within and throughout. 


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