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Awaken Your Star Child Blueprint

Awaken Your Star Child Blueprint

Healing the Wounds of the Inner Child




Many of us know we are here to activate these higher templates and embody our gifts and share them with the world and yet we face difficulty, challenges, blocks, and feelings of set back because we haven't addressed our deep wounds of not feeling safe, supported, and nurtured in this world. These ancestral and karmic miasmic wounds are held within the body, within the energetic blueprints and are encoded in our DNA until we clear, heal and transmute them.  


Wounds of the Child - Addressing the Template 


Week 1 - Creating the Sacred Womb Space Initiating Container 

Week 2 - Root Chakra, DNA Strand 1

Week 3 - Sacral Chakra, DNA Strand 2

Week 4 - Solar Plexus, DNA Strand 3  

Week 5 - Heart Chakra, DNA Strand 4

Week 6 - Throat Charak, DNA Strand 5 

Week 7 - Third eye Chakra, DNA Strand 6 

Week 8 - Crown Chakra, DNA Strand 7 

Week 9 - Awakening our Creativity.

Week 10 - Connecting with our Imagination, Joy, Wonder, and Curiosity of the Child  

Week 11 - Restoring our Divine Innocence & Purity. 

Week 12 - Anchoring the Star Child Template, DNA Upgrade & Embodiment 


After we address the wounds of the child we will activate our divine magic keys, codes, and deep connections to the magical places and spaces within our hearts. 


The highest form of manifestation comes from this place of divine magic, belief, joy, excitement, wonder, playful curiosity, and discovery. This is where new ideas are born, this is where much of what that is missing in the world is waiting to be rediscovered. Without magic, the world has no colour and no life because it is missing the key ingredient that ignites our hearts. 


Are you ready to awaken your unique creative potential? 


Are you ready to play with your inner child and heal the loss and separation that has occurred? 


Are you ready to remember your divine soul purpose and mission in this life?


Are You Ready To -


๐Ÿ’— Heal your heart, 

๐Ÿช„Awaken your innate magic, 

๐ŸŒˆ Discover your create potential, 

๐Ÿ—๏ธ Activate your unique gifts, 

๐ŸŒŸ Reconnect with your inner star child, 

๐Ÿ‰ And remember your deep connections to our magical celestial families like the tree guardians of the forest and the elemental kingdoms. 


Join us for this magical journey. See you on the inside!


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