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Aquaelle Families of Omni Love

Aquaelle Families of Omni Love

Aquaelle Families of Omni Love


This is an activation from our Aquaelle Family as they step forward at this time to bring the harmonious alignments to the Sacred Krystic Families. We are restoring our true energetic systems and templates for all of our Kryst Families to awaken into Aurora New Earth.

We are bridging for many of you that seed point to overcome all disconnection and to hold the Holy Source Coding from our Aquaelle Family.


Each one of you have a calling that is coming back to you. It is an emergence of who you are on a Soul Level of Remembrance.

You are being guided through this energy transmission to open your Emerald Heart, to remember your Holy Source Coding, and the Emerald Plasmic Creational Codes that are inside of the Emerald Heart.

We will be working with our Aquaelle Family and Aqua Rose Families to open the Sacred Gardens Of Aquanora to sound and harmonize that Home is here within our being. You will feel the unified support coming through all of our lineages as they are being remembered as the sacred keepers of the Aquanora and Aqua Rose Guardian Lineages.

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