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Air Elemental Healing

Air Elemental Healing

🌬️ 🐉 Air Elemental Healing Meditation - Insight/Clarity 🌬️ 🐉


Step into the realm of magic and discover the depths of your own power with our enchanting meditation experience: 'The Heart of the Dragon.' 


Meet your Guardians Teams and Personal Guides in this divine elemental healing journey and light language activation. Allow yourself to be whisked away on a whimsical adventure, where you'll connect with the element of air and ascend through higher dimensions guided by your personal Ascension Guides and Guardians. As you breathe in the clean, purifying oxygen, you'll activate rainbow codes and encounter your Dragon Guardian, an ancient being of love and wisdom. Embrace their nurturing presence and unlock the heart of a dragon within yourself, unleashing your true potential. 


Artist Drawing - Scot Howden

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