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Aether Elemental Healing

Aether Elemental Healing

Aether Elemental Healing Meditation - Spirit 


🌬️✨ Join us on a transformative journey of elemental healing in this meditation and light language activation as we dive into the sacred realm of Aether. 🌬️✨


Step into a realm where magic dances with reality, where the ethereal element of Aether beckons you to explore the depths of your spirit and intuition. Prepare to be transported as you feel the currents of the cosmos caress your essence, dissolving the boundaries that separate you from the ancient beings who dwell in the fabric of time. In this luminous tapestry of existence, you become fluid, free, and intricately intertwined with the celestial symphony of life.


Here, in this sacred space, the meditation unveils the secrets of your divine nature, illuminating the love and joy that permeate your being. With each breath, attachments fall away, leaving you bathed in the warm glow of non-attachment. Open the gates to your intuition, allowing the wisdom of your soul to guide you along the cosmic labyrinth of existence.


Enveloped in the gentle embrace of the wise whale elders, you reconnect with your true essence, rediscovering your celestial origins. Together, you journey through the starlit tapestry of the universe, shedding the weight of density and surrendering to the weightlessness of pure being. The symphony of the cosmos reverberates within you, harmonizing your spirit with the infinite expanse of creation.


As this ethereal odyssey draws to a close, we invite deep feelings of love and gratitude into the heart for receiving the gift of remembrance. You bask in the luminosity of your divine nature, affirming your innate connection to abundance and infinite possibilities.


Artist Drawing - Scot Howden


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