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You Are Never Alone...

Have you ever found yourself questioning your life as the character that you are? 

You may ask, why this life, why this play, and why this role? 

As humans experiencing this current evolution we can almost always find something about life that feels overwhelming, challenging, or too much. We will avoid pain, discomfort and change even when that very avoidance is hurting us. 

Being embodied, alive, here, right now, takes a tremendous amount of courage. It can feel like life is asking us to be in a constant state of growth with no end in sight. It certainly feels that way, doesn’t it? 

Many of us on this path enjoy be-ing, watching, and observing the world. At times, just being the observer can feel like coming up for air, catching our breath before we go back under for another round of life. 

Many find this experience on Earth so overwhelming that they do turn away from it, retreat, and fall into resistance to it. But the interesting part is - we could have observed from the sidelines, from a disembodied state of being… So the question is, why did we choose to be here? Or better yet, why were we chosen to be here?

Since we know everything in existence has purpose, meaning, value, and reason, have you ever truly reflected on God's plan for you?

I often imagine this moment of all of us in heaven vibrating our unique sound tones, emanating our own soul hues and lights. Then, when it came time to incarnate on Earth to fulfill the Divine Plan, God looked at you and saw everything that you would become flash all at once. 

Then very confidently God said “ Yes, you.” As God scooped you up and asked if you were ready to fulfill your destiny. 

I imagine it is hard to refuse such an offer because in that moment all you feel is love and the empowered knowing that no matter what happens to you everything will be okay.  

But now that we are here, have you ever just wanted to have that conversation with God asking all of your questions knowing what God will say but still wanting to hear it out loud?

I imagine it would go something like this.. 

You: “God, why did you choose me?” 

God: “Because I knew you were ready.”

You: “Ready for what?” 

God: “To fulfill your soul's destiny. I knew This experience, this incarnation, and this role would help shape, mold, craft, and expand you in exactly the way that you were always created to be. 

God continues.. “I saw your potential and it was a divine masterpiece like no other.”

You, not completely satisfied with this answer, ask: “But God, did you know that I would suffer? Did you know about all of the hardships that I would face?” 

God: “Yes..”

You: “But how is that fair or allowed?” 

God: I see all possibilities and potentials...the expansion and growth always supersedes the hardship required to get there. It may be difficult to understand now but, contrast is what creates the greatest catalyst for so much beauty. 

God continues: “When souls complete their incarnation during their life review they reflect on all that they have seen as a human, all that they have lost, gained and experienced in their life. When they are asked if they would do it all again knowing what they know now they almost always say ‘yes, in a heartbeat.’  

God: “Contrast and hardships will provide value, wisdom, and a unique aspect to a soul's evolution that may not be given otherwise.”

God: “But, there is ONE important thing that you may have forgotten…”   

God continues: “I promised you that in those moments of despair, of deep pain, when you feel most alone, I told you that I would be there with you feeling your pain, experiencing it right along with you so that you would never feel abandoned, lost, alone, or unloved.” 

God: “Even when you don’t see me or feel me, I am there, and I understand you…more than you could ever know.” 

God: “The hardest part is how often you forget my presence, how often you feel alone, even when this is far from the truth.”

God: “I cannot intervene with your process but, I can love you through it. I can hold you. If you remember this then you will get through it all with grace.” 

God continues: “Do not be afraid to live, to feel, to lose it all, to fail… the purpose of life is not to avoid that which feels uncertain. The purpose of life is to live with courage knowing you cannot fail. In God’s eyes there are no mistakes, only experiences, and no experience is bad - just different. So can you put your trust in life again?”

God: “Can you allow your experience to be whatever it will be knowing it is exactly what you need even if you don’t understand why?” 

God has always seen the most beautiful plan for your life - can you trust the process? Are you willing to have faith that there is a greater force, a loving, omnipresent Source waking this journey with you. Through you? 

Can you surrender your control and fear to God knowing that you are safe, you are loved and held more than you could ever know? 

All you need to do is open your heart to it and feel all is well… 

In love and gratitude,

Jessica Rosalie

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