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The Children of the Sun Have Returned

Beloveds, it is time to awaken to who we truly are.

We must honour ourselves as sacred.

To practice the Law of One in each moment means to view all as sacred and to treat each being, each living thing; plant life, animal, child and person as sacred.

When we view the world through the eyes of love and compassion we see the light and beauty in all things.

Everything that emanates the life Source of God is sacred, no matter how big or how small.

How can we begin to attract abundance and feel connection, joy, and happiness in our life?

We must recognize ourselves and all things as a sacred gift.

Each day we are given sacred gifts. How we choose to view them is dependant upon our own ability to open our hearts and receive.

It first starts with you.

Are you able to receive the gift of yourself?

How beautiful and precious you are.

Your very existence is a miracle.

Your heart, your mind, and your body are all representations of God; beauty in human form.

You are beauty in its own unique expression.

You are love in motion.

Each day when we wake up can we receive all the gifts and abundance that surrounds us.

The Sunshine that Warms our Skin and Brightens all it Touches.

The Unlimited Potential of a New Day.

The Energy from a Restful Sleep.

The Smell of Fresh Clean Air Filling our Lungs with Oxygen.

The Feeling of Water Replenishing our Body.

The Nourishment of Fresh Food from the Earth.

We have so much. Yet, we often feel like we don’t have enough. Why is this?

Generations of programming and conditioning.

Closed hearts. Lack. Unworthiness. Inability to receive. Disconnection.

We have always been abundant. We have always been connected. We have always been God Consciousness.

But we have forgotten. We gave into the illusion. We turned our backs on the Truth of who we are to experience the shadow.

All became dark and we became lost. We forgot that we were Sacred. We forgot that we were God. We forgot that only love was real.

And from this place of darkness we began to create.

We created from a place of separation.

We created from a place of disconnection.

We created from a place of lack.

We created from a place of unworthiness.

We created from a place of disharmony.

We created from a place of pain and suffering.

We created from our shadow.

The world we see in front of us is the result of our collective shadow.

Although we may have lost our way. We were never forgotten.

We may have turned out backs on ourselves but, our true Mother and Father did not turn their backs on us.

Their love was never withheld, we just couldn’t receive it.

Their light always shined from within us. We just couldn’t feel it.

Now it is time for us to receive.

We must choose to see ourselves as sacred once more.

We must return back to the Truth of who we are and allow ourselves to be freed from our own self imposed limitations.

No one has the power to dictate your reality.

No one has the power to hurt you, suppress you, take advantage of you, or trick you if you choose to stand in your power and your light once again.

We must return back to our light to remember that we are God, we are Sovereign, and we are Free.

We are unconditional love.

We are unity.

It is time to remember.

All beliefs that say otherwise must go.

We must let go of all the ways that we have chosen separation over unity.

Fear over love.

Resentment over forgiveness.

Lies and deception over the truth.

We have returned; the Children of the Sun to remind our Brothers and our Sister that it is time to Rise.

It is time to love. It is time to remember.

When you choose to remember you are God and open to receive the love that you are all else that was created in the illusion crumbles.

The darkness falls.

The false light does not stand a chance against the Truth of who we are.

Truth will always win.

Love will always win.

Our love is changing this world.

It is time to create New Earth and Rise as the True Sovereign Kings and Queens that we always were.

We are taking back our Kingdom.

We are reclaiming all that was lost and Birthing the New.

We are Standing in our Power and Sovereignty and Together as One, we have Won.

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