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Sovereign Kings and Queens

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Take a moment and place your hand on your heart.

Feel your heartbeat beating.

Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with as much air as possible, and when you are ready, breathe out.

Feel your presence in this moment.

Feel your light emanating around you.

Feel the deep level of compassion that your soul has for you for being here on this journey.

Your soul has a message for you today, dear ones.

This message is of inner peace and the deepest level of honour for you as a unique being of divine light.

As a divine spark of God, it is time that you remember how special you truly are.

It is time to remember that just like your fingerprint your soul, your love, and your light is a unique aspect that makes up the oneness of creation.

Although we are all part of the wholeness of source we all carry a distinct soul signature that can be felt across all time and space.

You are a grand mosaic of all of your experiences, dear one, your moments of pure joy, deepest love, and greatest accomplishments.

The masterpiece that you are is also accompanied by those moments of profound heartache, all the times you felt broken, and even the darkest moments when you believed you were alone and unlovable.

All of this beauty, the light and the shadow, all entwined together that makes up the magnificence that is you.

You, sweet soul, cannot be replicated.

No one loves quite like you do.

No one shines their light the way that you glow.

No one is able to create like you can.

Not one soul is like the other.

This is the intricate design and glory of creation itself.

Do you feel now how deeply you are loved?

Can you see how much you are honoured, adored, and cherished by your family of light?

My dearest loves, your soul wants you to remember your grandness.

Remember that without you our puzzle is incomplete.

It is truly your love, bravery, and unique soul light being here right now, in this great time of awakening, that makes us stronger.

Don’t you ever forget your value, your worth, and just how much you have to offer this world just by being you.

You are needed.

We see you.

We feel you.

Your beauty and your radiance bring us tears to our eyes.

They are tears of pure joy and also tears of great sorrow for those times that you have forgotten how truly special and divine you really are.

You mustn’t forget, dear one, for now, more than ever, we need you to wake up and remember.

You are the Gods and Goddesses, the Kings and Queens, the light warriors and peacekeepers.

You are whole.

You are healed.

You are God’s perfection.

Honour yourself today as the divine beings you know you are.

Deep down, you know this to be true.

Deep down your heart is saying, “YES, YES, YES!”

We smile upon you today, as you smile back, and you speak out loud with your heart beaming with love…

I remember,

I remember,

I remember.

And so, it is.

It is done.

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