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Remember Who You Are

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

You are a being of powerful light.

A great love.

A representation of hope.

Your very existence lights the world up without even trying.

You are magical.

An absolute masterpiece.

Your soul is made up of glitter, flowers of every colour, and lights that dance around bouncing off in every direction.

When you laugh, the angels laugh with you.

When you are sad, a river is formed from all of the tears that are wept in your name.

You shine your light so brilliantly that darkness cannot follow you.

When you dance rainbows radiate from your heart and you glow like the pot of gold.

You have a way of cracking open even the most challenging of hearts.

Your beauty flows in a circle around you like a mystical air current that is soft yet fierce.

There is a hidden mystery to you that is ancient and magnetic.

You will never know how truly magnificent you really are, dear one.

Our wish for you is to see yourself the way we do, in the hearts of every one that you have touched with your love.

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