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Rainbow Web of Light

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

There is a powerful light that connects us all.

We are sending out our call.

Breathing colour into life.

Much like a painted canvas we make up the beauty that is reflected all around us.

Like diamonds in the night sky, we each shine so brightly embodying our own unique and radiant light.

I feel you. We are glowing and reaching greater depths.

Our love can be felt as deep as the sea can reach, as far as the air can flow, and as high as the stars can shine.

We are the rainbow warriors.

We are the keepers of the Earth, lovers of the ocean, and the dancers of the cosmos.

We are here to bring love into everything that we do.

Yes, you.

We shine, radiate, and emanate our rainbow hearts with each breath that we take.

Every step is that of love as we walk so tenderly on Mother Earth yet we walk with a power so deep and so vast that we cannot be stopped.

May you sing, dance, create, and love today, and every day after that, with a remembrance of who you are.

May this remembrance beat so strongly inside your heart that you can hear the drum.

Can you hear it now?

Boom, boom, boom.

This is the drum of the rainbow heart.

This is the sound that connects us to all that is…was…and, ever will be.

Welcome home, Rainbow Warrior Light Tribe.

Welcome home.

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