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Messages from Mother Earth on Growth

Dear Starseeds & Awakened Souls, 

You all came here for an experience knowing that you would be able to go through huge leaps of expansion and growth, and you are doing that. But, it is so important for you all to not get so fixated on expansion that you forget the beauty and value that is connected to growth itself. 

Many of you are used to things happening more quickly. You're used to your thoughts, desires, and creations manifesting almost instantly. One experience that is unique about this Earth plane is that things do not happen so quickly here. You can look to nature to observe this. For instance, an oak tree takes 20-50 years to reach full maturity. 

Many of you are forgetting that although you did come to this planet to teach others and share your vast amounts of wisdom and expertise. You also came here to be a student of the Earth. In being a student of the Earth you will notice that if you are not listening to the planet, receiving her guidance, or being open to her teachings then you will begin to feel stuck and unhappy with your life. This is because the Earth is also your teacher and she is very patient. She will watch you run around in circles again and again knowing that eventually you will run out of options and realize that you must slow down, pause, and listen. 

One of the lessons that Mother Earth is here to teach many Starseeds and awakened souls is how to slow down, how to appreciate growth, and how to tune into the subtleties that we so often miss when we are so eager to move onto the next thing. Now it isn’t just the awakened souls that need more practice in the art of slowing down. As many of you know, our culture has become very fixated on instant gratification. Human beings are moving so fast and constantly coming up with new ideas and new ways of doing things that they have become so out of synch with the planet. Humans want everything now, they don’t want to wait, and it is making them more and more miserable. It is no surprise that many people do not have the time for the simple things in life anymore like watching the morning sunrise, growing a vegetable garden, or taking the time to cook something from scratch.

Now it is important to realize that there is no judgment being placed upon anyone for how they want to live their life. Many souls may indeed want to experience in this lifetime the hustle and bustle of living in the modern world and that is completely fine. But, many of you, the ones who are more sensitive and more intune, have noticed yourself becoming less satisfied with this way of living because you are recognizing the level of disharmony it is creating with your relationship with nature and the planet. This is because, if you have noticed, nature does not keep up with the trends of the human world. It does not feel the need to rush and grow a tree more quickly because it would please you. There is something really special about experiencing life through its seasons. It is why many of you wanted to live here; to have the experience of enjoying the sweetness of life and how simple it can be to be happy when you realize there is not much you need when everything is provided to by nature. 

So we must see by now that your human body is much like that oak tree. You must be patient with it, and not push it too hard to grow or perform because you are impatient. You must not demand things of yourself because you cannot wait or you think you should be farther along. You will inevitably hurt yourself if you do not listen to the rhythm and pace that your soul and body intelligence is providing you with. You cannot be in full bloom all year long. You must recognize when it is time to rest and when it is time to grow. 

If you find yourself having a hard time finding what your rhythm is truly, think about bringing more of your plant allies into your home. They will gladly be your teachers and they will show you the value of patience. They will support you with being more intune with their needs and while they teach you how to take care of them they will teach you how to take care of yourself. They will also teach you the satisfaction of watching something grow slowly over time and how to stop and appreciate the beauty that is right under your nose. 

Thank you for slowing down, taking time to receive these messages, and giving yourself the love that is needed at this very monumental time on the planet. 

In love and grace,

Rosalie, Mother Earth, and the Plant and Tree Kingdom.           

Prayer to Connect More Deeply with Earth Mother 

Beloved Mother Earth, 

I call upon you to connect your heartbeat to the rhythm of me as I connect to the rhythm of you. May we harmonize together as one. 

I open all of my awareness to clearly see, feel, know, hear, and sense your presence within me and all around me. 

I dissolve all perceived barriers, programs and blocks that I may have created or that were made by someone else that has generated any form of separation or limitation. All is released.    

Beloved Elementals, Fae, Guardians of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Aether Kingdoms - those who walk the middle path, I open my heart to connect with you now. I offer my love and gratitude to you, my fellow brothers and sisters of the same Earth. Please teach me how to be kind, compassionate, and loving towards this beautiful planet that we call home. 

Beloved Plant and Tree Kingdoms, Guardians of these lands. I honour you, I love you, and I offer you my gratitude, respect, and friendship. May we truly co-create together as one to live in harmony and have reverence for this beautiful planet.   

Beloved Stone, Crystal and Ancient Rock Kingdoms. Thank you for your wisdom, protection, and generosity. May we continue to nurture our relationship and connection so that we may grow together and experience peace and harmony as one family.     

Thank you Wise Mothers and Ancient Grandmothers for your deep love, guidance, and support. I am open to receiving the teachings of the planet so that I may become a steward of this beloved Earth. 

Thank you beloved Tree Elders for showing me how to deepen my roots so that I may develop a strong foundation to grow strong and tall. 

Thank you beloved Elementals for reminding me of the divine magic that is with me so that I may experience the true magic that this beloved planet has to share. 

May I clearly feel, sense, see, hear and know that nature is who and what I am so that I may not only protect the beauty and sacredness that is within myself but also throughout and all around me. 

Thank you Mother Gaia. I love you, I honour you, and I hold you within my heart. 

With love and grace,


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