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I Trust my Heart Knowing that it will Guide me Home 🗝️ 💗

Beloved Source, Holy Mother, Holy Father, and Divine Higher Self,

I pray today to know you through the depths of my heart.

I pray to hear the whispers of your gentle voice calling me home to you.

I pray to open to divine compassion for myself and others as I choose to see through the eyes of God. I release all false lenses and restore my perception to that of purity, innocence, and truth.

Beloved Mother, Father, Earth, Highest Self, and all those I hold dearly in my heart, I send you pure love today from the depths of my being. May the love within shine so bright that it creates a beacon of radiant Source Omni Love to all.

Thank you God for all that I am; a unique creation of light that moves, speaks, laughs, smiles, and shines in a way that only I can.

I pray today to continue to see myself through this lens; the lens of God, of Truth, Compassion, and Grace.

I pray to love my imperfections as I see now how even the less perfect parts of me are truly beautiful and loved by you.

I pray for unconditional acceptance and surrender today as I release all needing to control myself, my life, and others. I pray to align my day and my life for its highest knowing that your will is where the magic of creations takes form.

I pray today to find gratitude in the small things, to find joy in life's simplicity, and to open more deeply to each moment. In each moment I pray to see the value, gift, and treasure that is waiting for me and I receive all with the openness of my whole heart.

Thank you Mother and Father for creating me in your image. Thank you for blessing me with the gift of my heart and showing me how to love the world through your example.

Thank you Mother and Father for filling my life with so much love and people who care about me. I am so blessed to receive the gifts that I know I am worthy of and in doing so I share these blessings and gifts with the world.

Beloved God, I pray for your hands to warm and soften my heart today so that I feel the love that is within me and open to the greater truth of my being.

I trust my heart knowing that it will guide me home. May my heart pulse at the rhythm of all that is Mother and all that is Father, my true parents, I love you.

Thank you, beloved Mother and Father for lifting any heaviness that I may be holding today that is not in the highest for me to hold onto. I choose as the God consciousness that I am to release all that is not mine, all that is not true, and all that is unnecessary. Thank you, thank you, thank you, God.

As I breathe in deeply, I invite more of my spirit into my being.

As I breathe in deeply, I allow the breath of Source to infuse my lungs.

As I breathe in deeply, I expand even more beautifully.

As I breathe in deeply, I open my channel to become one with God and my Highest Self.

As I breathe in deeply, I feel the oneness of my breath connecting me to all of creation.

As I breathe in deeply, I fill my entire being with God's eternal light and truth.

As I breathe in deeply, I remember why I am here.

As I breathe in deeply, I feel the life force of Christ Consciousness, lift my spirits, clear my mind, and my heart.

As I breathe in deeply, I unify my heart, mind, body, and spirit.

As I breathe in deeply, I remember that my breath is alive, a living mechanism that generates chi, life force, and the true essence of my being.

As I breathe in deeply, I am grateful for the abundance of oxygen that is available to me.

As I breathe in deeply, I raise my frequency with each breath and I open to greater love, wholeness, truth, and wisdom.

Today as I continue to breathe in deeply I remember my connection to Source is held through the gateway of my breath.

May all those who feel these words be blessed in the light of love, truth, wholeness, and prosperity.

I am the Divine Beauty and Grace of God

All of my love,

Rosalie Brigid

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