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I AM New Earth.

Using the RAINBOW to Help Align Your Life with Your Highest Path & Purpose

RREMEMBER that you are a powerful creator and you have the ability to create change through being an example of love. What does embodying love mean to you? How can you tap into this frequency in each moment so that whatever you are doing, speaking, sharing and creating is anchored in this high vibrational energy?

AARE you living a heart centred life? Are your actions, thought patterns, and words influenced by love or motivated by fear. Ask yourself these questions as often as you can. Am I operating from a place of unconditional love or am I operating from a place of fear, lack, judgement, doubt, and so on. What is the root cause of my behaviours and beliefs? Can I have compassion for myself when I make a choice that is not in alignment with love? How can I love myself more so that I feel supported in my growth and on my spiritual journey?

IIS there something in my life that needs shifting that is not in alignment with who I truly am as a soul and as a beacon of unconditional love and light? What is it that needs shifting and why is it in my life to begin with? What is it teaching me? What am I unconscious of? Is there something that I need to learn from this person, experience, or situation? Am I ready to make the changes that are necessary to grow from this? Is there anything that I am holding onto out of fear? Am I avoiding making changes because I have beliefs around these changes that are rooted in lack, fear, judgement, insecurity, doubt and so on?

NNext, can I begin to set intentions for myself each day to begin to align my life with my highest path and purpose? What is it that I want for myself? If you are unsure of what it is that you want you can begin to set intentions that will help you shift your focus to that which is in alignment with your highest outcomes. For example, “I set the intention for all of the relationships, experiences, and situations in my life to align with my highest possible path and my highest possible soul growth and evolution. I honour all people, experiences and situations in my life and I set the intention to infuse them with the highest frequencies of love. All that is not aligned with my highest soul growth and the highest frequencies of love I am ready to release now. I completely surrender to all that is unfolding in my life, knowing that it is all happening for my highest and greatest good, and I release any and all resistance that I may have around any changes that are occurring. I also set the intention to be fully supported in all changes that are occurring in my life and that I may experience all transformations with as much peace, ease, comfort and grace as possible. I am grateful for all that these people, experiences, and situations have taught me, and I am ready to forgive all that needs to be forgiven so that I can hold only the highest most pure intentions of unconditional love towards them. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and so it is.”

B – Believe that anything is possible and hold this knowingness in your heart that you can achieve it. Belief is the first step and letting go of anything that is rooted in doubt, limitations, fear, and lack. Replace these feelings with joy, love, desire, passion, gratitude, and excitement and you will be able to manifest the life that you want to create much easier.

O – Open yourself up to possibilities. Once you have set your positive intentions be open to receiving all that you have asked for. However, also be open to receiving in ways that you may not have expected but may turn out to be better than you could have possibly imagined.

W – Worry less and appreciate more. Honour your journey and try to let go of all expectations, timelines, and needing to know or have everything figured out. Trust that all is unfolding according to what is in your highest and aligning with your best possible outcome. Sometimes certain alignments need to occur before our manifestations and life changes can take place. It is best for us to be able to surrender, be in flow, and trust once we have taken all the appropriate steps and intention setting to allow for all to come into fruition. Remember to be grateful for all that you DO have and shift your focus away from what you don’t so that you are open to receiving more than you could have even imagined or asked for.

Remember. YOU are the creator of your own life and YOU are responsible for how it is that you want to live it. Take back your power and EMPOWER yourself to make the changes that are necessary for your own growth and that will help you to create the life that you can feel proud of. We are not here to experience pain or suffering. This is an illusion that keeps us trapped in these lower vibrational energies. We are meant to be happy. We are meant to live a life that is fulfilling and that brings us love, joy, and peace. If you do not believe this then maybe it is time to let go of any beliefs and thought patterns that are not serving your highest good, highest path, and most divine journey here on Earth.

Sending you all infinite amounts of unconditional love, light, and blessings.


From my heart to yours,

Jessica Rosalie,

The Rainbow Goddess

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