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I AM Change. I AM the Butterfly.

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

I embrace change.

Change is beautiful.

Change is exciting.

Change brings happiness and joy.

Change is powerful.

I welcome change in my life.

I am happy with the changes that are happening.

I love myself.

I love how beautiful I am when I am transforming.

When I feel resistance, I let it go.

I no longer resist change.

Change is growth.

I love to grow.

When I think of change I think of growth.

Growth isn’t scary. Growth is beautiful!

Just like a caterpillar goes through changes. So do we.

The caterpillar trusts itself to know what it needs while it is going through these changes.

Trust that you know too.

A caterpillar does not resist the changes that are happening to it. It trusts the process.

You can trust the process too.

A caterpillar doesn’t need reassurance from others that it is on the right track. It believes in itself.

You can believe in yourself too.

A caterpillar knows that it needs to nurture and care for itself during this time of great transformation.

You need to take time to love and support your growth too.

Ask yourself, what does my body need today?

Is it rest? Time with those you love? Time in nature? Good healthy food?

When we are in flow with the changes that are happening we can support them and feel good about them.

When we are in resistance we cling to fear, the old ways, and what once was.

Choose to accept. Choose to love who you’re becoming.

One day you will look back in amazement at how far you have come.

Today is one of those days.

Stop and look at how far you have come. You are transforming.

You were once that little egg on a leaf.

Now look at you!!

You’re all so beautiful. I can see you now.

You’re ready to embrace the change and accept LOVE. You are love. You are loved. You are loving.

May you all feel the warmth and joy inside you today as your spirit cheers you on. You can do it! You are amazing! You are so brave!!

May love, light, and peace be with you all today.

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