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Humanity Needs to Remember Themselves AS Love ๐Ÿ—๏ธ ๐ŸŒˆ

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Beloved Divine Source,

Within my sacred heart I remember the garden.

The home I so seek is inside of me.

While this experience teaches us to look outward for answers I remember that my own heart is my

guiding light.

This is the place within me where all love exists; where there is freedom, peace, and joy.

When I connect deeply within, I feel truth, I experience oneness within myself and God.

I recognize that Source never left us; we truly only forgot how to find it.

The more we seek it externally the more confused we become; searching for something we already hold.

We cannot find something we already have.

My heart reminds me that there is no need to suffer for when we feel alone, afraid, or hurt our own

Source holds us in love and non judgement.

When we let God in, the light holds our pain and reminds us of the power and strength of our love.

What if every time we chose fear or hate as our reality we forget that there was another option.

What if we suffer unnecessarily because we forget how to connect?

Our Source sustains us, heals, grows, and expands.

When we choose it - love - it embraces us fully.

But many have forgotten their own light.

They think of God as something that exists outside of them.

Humanity prays for a saviour when they forget God chose them to save themselves.

What happens when Source forgets it is Source?

Source then finds a way to mirror that light from outside of them - through their brothers and sisters, and through experiences that show humanity that love is real.

How do we truly remember Source?

We remember through experiencing love in our hearts, not from someone outside of us that reminds us of love, but by being the very thing we seek.

When you are love then you have found love.

When you are light then you have found light.

You see, Source creates itself through embodying.

You must learn to be that which you look for outside of you.

The problem is many have forgotten what that very thing is that they so desperately search for.

People often view love as something that brings them happiness, comfort or fulfillment, but love is so

much more than that.

Love is what makes life - it is the force that gives meaning to existence and creation - it is why we exist.

It was through love that living, breathing consciousness was born.

Love will always create.

Love will always heal, grow, expand, and evolve - love is eternal.

Love can never be destroyed.

No matter how hard beings have tried to eradicate love - love equals life, you cannot have organic life without love.

Love will always find a way because it is what and who we truly are.

So when we say - love is the answer, love will set you free, and choose love over anything else, what many think is - you have been watching too many fairytale love stories. Or they think love means heartbreak.

The problem is humanity thinks they know what love is because they think it is a concept they have learned and been taught.

Love has been diluted, twisted, inverted and defined in all kinds of ways here so that you don't remember it as the most powerful solution to all of lifes challenges.

They want you to keep fighting, arguing, and fearing.

How do you conquer an entire civilization of Source embodied beings that are all powerful creators - you teach them to forget that they are all powerful creators and that love makes them weak.

So how do you wake up the masses?

You remind them of who they are by being that which they forgot they were - you radiate the Divine

Love Source Light so bright they feel it in their hearts.

What the world needs now is love, PURE love.

Humanity needs to remember themselves AS love.

May all those who feel these words be blessed in the light of love, truth, wholeness, and prosperity.

โ€จI am the Divine Beauty and Grace of God

โ€จAll of my love, Rosalie Brigid

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