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Hello March - Messages From Mother Earth

Slowing down is such a precious gift. We don't often realize this because so much of our cultural conditioning has taught us to speed up.

🦋 While getting things done is important what is even more valuable and nurturing is finding your rhythm. 🦋

Mother Earth and nature can teach us about

🎶 rhythm,

🍃 movement,

🐛 change,

🪺 birth

🥀 death

🌊 flow,


🕊️and surrender.

These are skills that nature has learned to grow, flourish, and survive. These are all things that humans are learning too.

Humanity is learning how to find balance.  Through the learning process life allows us to explore the extremes of situations to teach us through polarity or opposites.

Many humans will often experience being busy, overworked, stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out only to recognize how this approach is not sustainable and over time it can lead to illness if not brought back into balance. This experience in itself is not wrong for it actually provides so much insight and tangible experience to someone who is learning to find balance. This extreme situation will ultimately lead to greater clarity.

Because this is a planet of learning you will that many are having such diverse experiences here.

In a way, if you were to view humanity through a telescope and zoom in you would see that we are all trying our best to navigate through our current circumstances. Not one person has it all figured out. One may not have the same lessons or challenges as another and vice versa and this allows for us all to teach, help and support one another. Each person you meet there is an opportunity to learn something new about life.

In love and grace,

Rosalie 🦋

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