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as we remember, we are beacons of love..

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

How do we trust when our eyes cannot show us the truth?

How do we know when so much is hidden?

There is so much that we still do not understand.

Yet, there is a part of us that knows all is well.

Somehow, everything is going to be alright.

It can be difficult to live in a world full of hidden truths and a reality that does not teach you what we need to know.

But, with each passing day we remember just a little bit more.

Our heart shines a little bit brighter as we begin to remember that all we need to know, in this moment, is that we are beacons of love.

When we can reconnect back to that part of us that is infinite, that part of us that feels our wholeness and light, then we can tap into our own essence of source.

When we disconnect from our hearts and we believe the stories that are given to us we lose ourselves, even just for a moment, and we feel separation.

There are many distractions on this journey.

Not all distractions are bad but some pull us so far away from our true selves that we feel lost.

But we must remember, we are never truly lost. We have simply closed our eyes to who we are.

Some days it may feel like we see nothing but darkness and in those moments it can feel so real.

However, whatever thought, emotion, doubt or uncertainty that may arise in those moments of darkness, remember that there is always love.

Remind yourself that as long as you can choose -

to love,

to feel love,

to be love,

to fight for love,

then you are connected to all that you are and all that you need.

Your heart is your superpower.

Your compassion is your gift.

Your kindness is your magic.

As long as you can connect back to love then you are never lost.

We do not need to have everything figured out.

We do not need to see it all to know that we are on the right path.

All we need to do is trust.

We must trust ourselves even when we think we don’t know what we are doing, we do.

We must believe that our heart knows more than our mind ever will.

Today I choose to believe in my heart.

I ask my heart to guide me through all now and forever.

I thank my heart for being my guide.

I remind myself that anything that is not aligned with love is an illusion. and here to teach me something.

I am love.

I am rainbow light.

I allow my light to shine bright as a true emissary of light.

I am a divine being having a human experience.

I surrender to the present moment and allow all to unfold as I allow myself to receive all the blessings that are coming my way.

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