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A Daily Prayer for Receiving Mother and Father God

Align Your Day For the Highest ✨

Beloved Source, Holy Mother, Holy Father, Divine Higher Self,

It is with deep gratitude and with the purity of my heart that I greet you.

I open my heart today to receive all of the love, blessings, divine support and guidance that is here for me.

Thank you for reminding me today that my life is a miracle, it is sacred, holy, and divine.

Thank you for reminding me how beautiful each and every breath is and for helping me to see, recognize and feel the beauty within.

I open to the grace, flow, gentleness, and softness of the Divine Mother.

I open to the peace, strength, wisdom, and compassion of the Divine Father.

Today I pray to align my day for my highest outcomes, my highest mission, and my highest joy and love.

I pray to open to the present moment and infuse each aspect of my day with the highest purity that I can experience.

Thank you Mother and Father God for all of the love in my life. I know I am worthy of receiving kindness, love, and compassion and I open to it all right now.

Today I pray to release the mind of all distractions, all doubt, worries and fears. I hand these over to Source to dissolve into light. I also ask to receive the awareness, insight, wisdom and lessons that are needed to release this and I surrender it all in full trust that I am supported.

Today I pray to see the oneness in all things, great and small, I pray to open my heart to perceive the interconnection, light, and magnificence of Source in all that there is.

Beloved Mother and Father, thank you for showing me your love in all of creation. I open my heart to see clearly the beauty of God in all children, in all of your creatures, and in all of humankind.

What a blessing it is to witness the light of Source that reflects back to me my own divinity in all that I see, touch, feel and know today.

I open to receive with love and gratitude the wisdom of the Earth, the trees, the plants, the animals, and all elemental life. I respect and honour all teachings and I utilize all that I receive for the highest and greatest good of all.

Today I welcome the innocence and childlike wonder of the fairies, the protectors of the Earth, plants, and trees. I pray for all of the elementals to receive the respect and love they deserve for all that they do to support our Mother planet.

Thank you Mother, thank you Father, thank you, thank you, thank you for the love and peace in my heart. It is with great joy that I give thanks and gratitude today for the richness of my heart and soul.

May I continue to find happiness and joy in all that I do knowing that I am so deeply loved and so deeply held by all of creation. What a great gift it is to remember my light. What a great honour it is to be here to hold the beauty of creation in my being. What a blessing it is to know myself through this sacred incarnation.

May all those who feel these words be blessed in the light of love, truth, wholeness, and prosperity.

I am the Divine Beauty and Grace of God

All of my love,

Rosalie Brigid

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